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Shulamit Kanter

שולמית קנטר

The Artist/Founder

Shulamit Kanter was born in Safed, one of the four mystical cities of Israel. She comes from an artistic family, her father was an artist himself, specializing in the traditional art of coppersmithing. Shulamit has been using her natural artistic abilities from a very young age, and received a broad-based education in art and design.

The Company

Itzuviem was started by the Israeli artist Shulamit Kanter in a small corner of her living room in 1998. Today, Itzuviem's high-quality products are on demand in all of Israel's prestigious Judaica,
Jewelry, gift stores and art galleries. These  products are made from Itzuviem's unique composition of materials, created by Shulamit herself. The materials are strictly local in keeping with Itzuviem's policy of 100 % made in Israel.


Itzuviem's Products
 Itzuviem's original product was a Jerusalem stone casting. Now, Itzuviem produces a wide range of products including unique Metal Judaica and Jewelry. All the work is meticulously handmade, from mixing the original cast stone to in laying each colored stone (some of the stones are no bigger than 1 mm!). Before any product makes it's way to the shelves, it is thoroughly examined to determine if the quality meets up to Itzuviem's high standards. New products and designs are continually being developed by the founder - Shulamit. They are in accordance with Itzuviem's philosophy of capturing the colors, the atmosphere, the shapes, the culture and the traditions of Israel. Some of the designs have already become classics and are always on demand.